Boost your productivity! Getting started with Personal Kanban, Ottawa, 15 May 2015

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We all have too much to do and too little time, feeling sometimes overwhelmed. This highly interactive and experiential 3 1/2 hour workshop will show you how to visualize your work,  limit your  work in progress and prioritize better, by using a visual board. As a  result, you will get in the flow more easily, and get the right things done. This approach will also help you feeling more in control, reducing your stress level, achieving a better  balance between your work and your personal life, finding the time to think strategically and considerably increasing the impact of your  work.


  • The 2 rules of Personal Kanban — Visualizing work & Limiting work in progress (WIP) — and how they can be implemented.
  • Why Personal Kanban works: the Underlying principles of psychology and Lean thinking.
  • How Personal Kanban can be used as a tool to allow for a continuous improvement in your work.


By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have learned how your personal workflow can be represented using visual techniques.
  • Have understood the importance of limiting your Work in Progress (WIP).
  • Have become aware of the difference between pushed work and pulled work.
  • Have designed your own tailor-made Kanban Board.


“The class was truly excellent. I’ve been to many “time saving” classes like this but this really was the most useful. I put into place some of the learning as soon as I left the room. I intent to recommend it to my network.”

“Concrete examples which are backed by theory. A very good presentation!”

“This workshop was very interesting and I loved the way in which the model was explained. I really found a better way to organize both my work and my life. This method is brilliant and I am already less stressed out when executing my tasks. I am really looking forward to using it.”

“A great way to get organized and to clearly see the work which needs doing.”

“A tool which is simple, realistic and effective!”

“This has been a very rewarding workshop which will most certainly help to sort out my work tasks and to be more effective and accordingly reduce my stress level.”

“Today, I relearned no less than how to prioritize, how to accept that I simply cannot do everything and how to take my time in order to avoid wasting time. Thank you very much for such an inspiring day!”

“This workshop was very interesting and I loved the way in which the model was explained. I really have found a better way to organize my work and my life. This method is amazing et I am already less stressed about doing my tasks. I am really looking forward to implementing it.”

“Great instructor! Excellent strategies for becoming more effective that can be acted upon immediately. It was great & one of my top 2 in the Impact Academy.

“I loved that we could “workshop” our “things to do”. It was very helpful, realistic.”

“Easy and intuitive, but really effective visualization to manage time and priorities.”

“A lot of fog in my head has lifted in terms of organization and clarity in my work and life. Thank you! Not only have hours of hard work been saved, but a lot of grief and sleepless night.”

“Helped me identify areas of improvement in my current work process. Gave me practical steps to improve efficiency in my work.”

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Any question about this workshop? Do not hesitate to contact me using the form below or phoning me on +1 (819) 639 32 11


Cancellation and requests for transfers must be submitted in writing (

When participants cancel their registration 7 working days or more before the workshop begins, the registration fees are refundable, but a 15% administrative fee will apply.

Participants who are unable to attend a workshop may send a substitute, but they must notify us of this change.

I reserve the right to cancel the workshop due to lack of participants or unforeseen circumstances.

> Download as a pdf file

Dave Gray on productivity tools

Dave Gray has published an excellent post on “The paradoxes of organization”, in which he is sharing a list of organizational paradoxes he has been collecting for a book he is working on, Liminal Thinking. His takes on productivity tools is particularly noteworthy:

Tools designed to increase productivity decrease productivity.
Smart phones and the web has given us a plethora of new tools that promise to increase our productivity: Calendar apps, to-do list apps, collaboration tools, and so on. But as the number of productivity tools increases, the time we need to spend learning the tools, looking for better ones, updating them, using them, and switching between them, takes up so much time that our productivity ends up going down instead of up.

I must say this is one of the things which has been truly liberating since I have started practicing Personal Kanban simply using a wall and post-its. With such a low tech solution, the focus is no longer on testing apps to find the best, but simply in trying to always fine tune my board design to adapt as well a possible to my always changing work context.