Training & Coaching for Researchers

As a Researcher Developer I run a small training and coaching boutique consultancy focussing on helping researchers better manage better their work and research project(s). For more information, please see The Agile Researcher consultancy website

What I do

I help PhD students manage their work, and especially their research project, more effectively

The three biggest main challenges they typically have is that :

  • They feel overwhelmed by the size and complexity of their project
  • They have many competing priorities, too many things to do and too little time
  • They have difficulties in focussing and even procrastinate at times

I help them mainly by showing them how to:

  • Gain control by visualizing their work
  • Get in the flow by limiting their work in progress
  • Invest their time, energy and attention more strategically

The number one result they typically experience is that they are getting the right things done in time.

They also experience deeper benefits such as :

  • Producing on time a thesis which will have a greater impact
  • Feeling more in control
  • Reducing their level of stress
  • Loving their work and having a better life balance

I have decided to primarily focus on PhD students, because I feel they have the greater needs and those needs are seldom fully addressed, and they are fun to work with. The same approach is indeed also pertinent to other categories of academic researchers.