Using Sheets in Devonthink and GTD implementation

French ‘femina geekoides’ Mogore has developped an interest in GTD and recently alluded to the possibility of creating a blog on GTD en français. Surprisingly there seems to be no plan to translate the book in French.

Her delicious list on GTD has a link to an interesting new web based task manager, TaskFreak!, a todo list written in PHP.

Taskfreak screenshot

I have, as far as I am concerned, decided to go back to basics and living in Devonthink, using exclusively the template I have designed for this purpose GTDthink, which seems to be what works best for me. I combine it with using Airset for my hard landscape, which allows me to see my calendar from within Devonthink.

Looking at TaskFreak! however gave me the idea of looking again at using sheets, one of Devonthink latest release new features, for my implementation. I had already toyed with the idea a while back when I discovered on the Personal Productivity Show #012, Safari Software‘s product MasterList Professional, a task management software, which has evolved from an Excel spreadsheet template.

The sheet function of Devonthink, combined with replicants, seems to offer interesting possibilities. The only down side, is that for the time being, it is not possible to create link from a sheet or a record.

I have created such a sheet, which I am now testing. If it works well, I shall update the template I had uploaded on my blog a while back, together perhaps with a list of reviews to be regularily conducted as part of the gtd process.

To Douglas Johnston (A Million Monkeys Typing)

I have been trying to email Douglas Johnston for a little while, but my emails seems to be bouncing! I have therefore decided to resort to posting my message on this blog. (The original was of course in French).

Dear Douglas (but also dear Jennifer and dear Conor),

Please allow me to send you my best wishes for Chrismas.

There is very little in my view to be said about comments recently made by Lee Philips, they do not deserve it.

Thanks again, on behalf of so many GTD-ers for your altruism and generosity.

Bien amicalement.