‘You’ve got to motivate’

Though a post on John Federico’s blog a couple of days ago, Juggling e-mails, blogs and integrity, I can accross an article from the CNN website: Today’s leaders juggle e-mails, blogs and integrity.

It is the second section of the article, which did really get my attention. There, the anonymous author, interviews Marshall Goldsmith, who has published Global Leadership: The Next Generation. The whole section seems to be really worth meditating for many wanabee leaders, especially the last sentence. Emphasis are mine.

“The role of leadership has changed from the top-down — ‘I’m going to tell you what to do approach’ — to a more asking, listening and participating [approach].”

“You’re managing a bunch of smart people,” Goldsmith said. “You can’t tell them what to do and how to do it, you’ve got to involve them, you’ve got to listen, you’ve got to motivate them.

[…] the most difficult thing is “getting people involved so they own the vision.”

“The great achiever: It’s about me. The great leader: It’s about them”

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