Michael’s graphical visualization of GTD 2.0: A visual thought

As part of a fascinating conversation started by Eric Mack on Do we need a gtd 2.0? If so, what would it look like, Michael Sampson has posted a few thoughts in a Response to Eric Mack on GTD 2 and offers his “graphical visualization of the next horizon for quantum improvement”.

In the comments, I declared that I would have thought that both PVM and PKM were already part of GTD. Going to my own drawing board, I have prepared this little graph which would be how I would see this, for all its worth.



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    I wanted to write about this earlier, but I am caught in the grip of a fever. So perhaps I am hallucinating, but shouldn’t the “42” circle encompass all of the others? “The ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?” as it were.
    Perhaps I do not understand the 42 label…

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    heh. An axis makes sense to me, I am still trying to get my head around the acronyms. There are categories there that I had never considered…
    It seems to me that Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is an area of thinking whose time has come. With the advent of ubiquitous internet access and portable computing devices, it becomes less a question of “what do I know” than “what don’t I know, and where can I find the answers?”
    A convergence device like the one I posted on here would be a big help.
    I am looking forward to seeing where this discussion goes!


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