Getting Hicks Done and Basecamp

Jon Hicks at Hicksdesign has an interesting post entitled Getting Hicks Done on his implementation of GTD. After trying several applications, he has now settled for Basecamp.

I have been using Basecamp since 8 November 2004
and have kept a to-do-list for what I had to do to manage the website of the academic school school where I work at the University of Salford.

Looking at different ways to implement gtd has become some kind of a hobby for me and I have also tested several different applications.

I mainly concentrate on Devonthink but keep looking at different applications, a good way perhaps to keep in touch with new developments.


  1. […] I would say that sofware-testing and playing around with new softwares has been one of my hobbies long before I discovered GTD. Since then, as I once put it in a blog posts, “Looking at different ways to implement gtd has become some kind of a hobby for me”. Whilst I have conducted a number of experiments which I have related on my blog, this has been using some of my hobby time (often in the evening, in front of the television), as opposed to work time, and therefore has not had a negative impact on my university work. […]

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