PersonalBrain for Mac OSX is entering private beta testing

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  1. Ray Simkus dit :

    Glad to hear that PersonalBrain will be available on the Mac. I have been using this for several years and have gotten up to 18,000 nodes and over 2 GB of data files. I have been able to use PB on the Mac with Parallels but it is a but for some reason copying these large files works only sometimes.

    One feature that would be nice to see in PB is the ability to have a structured heirarchy or ontology.


  2. I have tried The Brain for some weeks, but it took me too long to enter all data en link them together. Modern desktop search tools combined with tagging deliver a far faster and versatile KM in my opinion.

  3. Jeff dit :

    The challenge with this application is that attempts to replicate/surpass the organic brain’s approach to the world yield either:

    a) Too many links to create and observe, and an absence of prioritization with which to filter those links (note: not filters with which to prioritize, but prioritization with which to filter – real associations have relative strengths, not « filters » in the programmatic sense)

    b) Excessive length of association (imagine a core concept with related concept #1 [one link indicating 1 degree of separation] and related concept #2 [dozens of links indicating 5 degrees of separation] – concept #2 may be more useful, but with the current implementation of Personal Brain I would never realistically get to it.

    While the proper implementation method for this is not immediately apparent at the database level (current implementations join all tables on a particular key and show the results as associations), a possible implementation requires some indexing, wherein all keys are indexed to all other keys and given an associative strength (based upon average degree of separation x path count) – results could be delivered based upon these strengths.

    This can be implemented using existing technologies and represents a significantly more useful, powerful and scaleable solution.

    The current implementation of Personal Brain depricates associative strength in favor of an unspecified implied schema (a framework created by the builder, but unknown to the user). Unspecified implied schema does allow the builder to package some additional information into the knowledge structure (such as by splitting options into Products, Support and Contact) but costs the builder substantial additional effort and requires substantial interpretive effort on the part of the user.

    Associative strength better lends itself to automated (large scale) rendition of knowledge.

    Thank you,


  4. Pascal Venier dit :

    @Jeff Thanks for your thoughts. I am not sure to understand everything as I do not have much of a propeller on my beanie.

    I have been testing the Beta by using it 1) to implement Getting Things Done and 2) to try and link concepts I use for my academic research.

    I am so far very pleased with the results of those two little experiments.

  5. chagapilz dit :

    Does anyone have any thoughts on personalbrain vs. mindmanager?

  6. Robert Eckert dit :

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